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Frank and Robbert often ‚steal’ forms and concepts from everyday life. Acting like proper ‚Trojan Horses’ R&F manipulate these forms and create new content for them. So, they’ve made 4 branded WHEY-pots (presented on a pedestal with a build-in motor (slowly turning around) and a nice TL light, making sure the whole entity looks like a real WHEY-pot from a ‚body-builder’-fair or a supermarket stand). These WHEY-pots are packed with hidden jokes / links / political snaps. The labels even have clear references to other R&F F&R artworks. For example, the incorporated fictional ‚awards’ -that are in fact nothing more than pictures of the 2014 F&R ‚Trophies’. This artwork is all about charlatanism, fakeness and hoaxes.

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