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Go Away Sorrow Of The World - Socks

Year 2022
Size 'Small - Medium' or 'Large - Extra Large'
Materials cotton, polyester
Options buy one pair for €14,99
buy two pairs (one of each color) for only €24,99
Edition 150 yellow pairs / 150 red pairs
For Sale Yes, order here: Puma Press Shop

The holiday season is coming and, as per tradition, Frank&Robbert Robbert&Frank are keen to share a sprinkling of artsy vibes to brighten up these rather dark times.

To mark the occasion, they have transformed something negative into something positive. Last month, their giant (11-metre tall) metal artwork GO AWAY SORRY OF THE WORLD was stolen from a construction site in Ghent – probably to be sold as scrap metal, since metal prices are currently soaring. So, the duo decided to transform the metal installation’s mantra into a statement that everyone can wear wherever they go, helping us to banish the sorrows of the world.

Frank&Robbert Robbert&Frank developed the mantra ‘GO AWAY SORROW OF THE WORLD’ back in 2008. This mantra works as a shadow whose concept always remains the same but whose physical carrier changes from time to time. The mantra has previously been incorporated in a ritual, built into a foldable wooden suitcase, transformed into a sticker and made into a pin, among other things. Transformation is part of the artwork’s concept.

And now it’s available to make your loved ones happy. For 14.99 EUR you can get one pair of socks. For 24.99 EUR you get a double pack. All in the cheerful R&F F&R colours! We wish you a fun-filled holiday season and hope you will enjoy this wearable artwork! xxx

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