Artwork of the month - video (54 sec)

Go Away Sorrow of the World - Mini Suitcase

Year 2017
Size 73 cm x 34 cm x 8 cm
Materials reclaimed wood, glue, metal, paint, tape, varnish, printed forex panel 5mm
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For Sale Yes, contact our gallery Fred&Ferry (Antwerp, BE)

In this video, we see a mini Frank holding the unfolded suitcase, which proclaims the work’s titular message of peace. In this instance, the message has been translated into Russian; the mantra 'Go away sorrow of the world' is usually adapted to reflect the language of the locality where the work is shown.

This work is a smaller version of an existing sculpture: Go Away Sorrow of the World – Suitcase (2015). The idea is that the mantra itself is the core of the artwork rather than its various material manifestations.

The mini format of this suitcase makes it possible for us give it to friends and acquaintances who are planning to travel and wish to unfold the message for us at some new location on the globe. The case has already been taken to Brazil and Russia, for example.

This model is one of a series of artworks that are all built around the exact same mantra. On our blog you will find an overview of all the artworks in this series, along with some further explanation.

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