Artwork of the month - video (54 sec)

Self-portrait Alter-egos

Year 2020
Size 29.7 cm x 45 cmx 0.3cm
Materials Red candle wax, red pencil, Dibond, wood
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A naked man with a geometric cross-shaped head is trampling on a reindeer and a naked man with a geometric, pointy triangular head is trampling on a bull. In this atypical work, we see the evolution of the Robbert&Frank’s alter egos. The work can also be interpreted as a criticism of the unbalanced clash between culture and nature.

Masks, disguises and alter egos have played an important role in F&R R&F’s output since the very beginning. Frank’s alter ego is that of a bull, while Robbert's is a reindeer. In this Artwork of the Month video, R&F wear the original masks that led to their choice of alter egos. These masks played a prominent role in early work by F&R R&F, including several video and performance projects. Although most of these works are no longer exhibited, traces of these alter egos can still be found in their work, such as in the performance Alter-Ego (2009).

The meaning of these alter egos has evolved in step with their work. At a certain point, the carnivalesque masks became too defining to work in different contexts, and thus gradually made way for more abstracted disguises and personifications. Characteristic of their drawing work is the use of geometric forms, such as the heads of the human figures in this work. These abstract human figures are also the protagonists in all the clay tablets that Robbert&Frank have made so far.

Although drawing is the basis for a great deal of their sculptural and graphic work, there are only a few drawings that Frank&Robbert present as artworks. This diptych is one of the few exceptions.

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