Artwork of the month - video (58 sec)
with special guest Guus van der Velden*.

Ink drawings & sketches 2023

Year 2023
Size A5 (14.8 cm x 21 cm)
Materials ink, watercolours, paper
Options /
Edition 1/1
For Sale Yes, contact our gallery Fred&Ferry (Antwerp, BE)

This selection of small ink drawings and sketches was created during the solo exhibition Artwork of the Month at FRED&FERRY Gallery in Antwerp.

During this solo exhibition, F&R R&F repurposed one of the gallery’s rooms as a drawing studio. For a number of days a week, the artists created new works there, both during and outside of opening hours. This self-proclaimed residency led the artists to regard old work with fresh eyes: old silk-screen prints and test prints from their studio became the basis for a new drawing dialogue.

Despite the fact that Robbert&Frank have collaborated for many years on a wide variety of projects, rarely – if ever – have the artists drawn side-by-side in this way. While this most basic form of art-making lies at the core of many projects of theirs, the artists had never approached drawing as an end or a goal in itself.

The visitors whom F&R R&F chose to invite proved to be another decisive aspect of this residency. It was Guus van der Velden – artist, curator and one of the invitees – whose idea it was to elevate these small sketches to the subject of an artwork-of-the-month film. Some sketches are literally comprised of notes taken during conversations between the artists and the invitees, while other sketches represent small intimate moments of quiet in between the large-scale drawings that were most typical of the work made during the residency.

Collectively, these little sketches and drawings document a special moment in the artists’ oeuvre, marking the start of a new conversation, a new mode of play blossoming between old friends.

* Chemist, artist and gallery owner Guus van der Velden hosted our show 'Narratives' at his gallery lxhxb. He is interested at what happens behind the scenes in the world.

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