Dr. Valcke
#installation #collaboration #merchandise #wood
During the beginning of the 1900’s, somewhere in the city of Kortrijk, a ‚doctor’ ordered the construction of a water-hospital. He believed that a variety of water treatments could help the ill. The hospital was only 2 years operational, then it became a WWI whorehouse. Afterwards it changed into a mental institution, a jail, a small electricity-unit, etc... 100 years after its construction the building was donated to Wit.h. This NGO organizes open working spaces for artists with a mental or physical restriction. Wit.h invited F&R R&F to collaborate with Johan and Laurence - together they changed the building in a ‚modern’ water-hospital. They transformed the edifice in a giant in-situ installation -, containing a 6m tall gargoyle-totem, a wishing well (with wishing coins), shamanistic machines, red/white cells, singing echo’s and much more...

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