Visual Arts

Robbert&Frank Frank&Robbert employ ping-pong (besides ‘flim-flam’, whiff-whaff’, and Gossima, the other names the sport went by) as an apt metaphor to convey the way their artistic practice comes into being.

Sculptures 'Trophies' - 2014
Videostill 'Pong' - 2014
Performance 'GO AWAY SORROW OF THE WORLD' - 2016
More light-hearted and gleeful, than the themes explored might suggest, F&R R&F’s films, performances, installations and objects burgeon a universe of their own. In this world, shaped by idiosyncratic logics, rules and structures, it might not always be apparent, which is ping, or what is pong, but perhaps ideas, thoughts and concepts become more compelling when they stop making sense, when the thrill of the game wins over the conditions of our present day.

Videostill 'The Gilded Child' - 2013
Performance 'Dubai' - 2014
Sculpture 'Whey' - 2014
Their young work has been presented in international institutions such as 'KW' Berlin, 'DOX' Prague, 'Baró' Sao Paulo, 'Katara' Doha, 'NCCA' Moscow, 'WING' Hong Kong and 'Millenium Film' New York.

Edition 'Bloodstain' - 2015
Installation view 'GUNS' - 2015
Performance 'Cowsong' - 2015
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