Robbert&Frank Frank&Robbert are currently working on a new theater piece that will premiere 31th of March and 1th of April 2017 at Performatic Festival in Beursschouwburg, Brussels. Check for info and upcoming shows!

R&F F&R last theater piece 'TO BREAK - The window of opportunity' premiered at Theater Aan Zee in August 2014 and is still bookable and touring in Belgium and abroad.

'TO BREAK - The window of opportunity'

TO BREAK - the window of opportunity — Robust, honest materials lay scattered along a desolate plain. Wood, metal and some plastic here and there. Besides that: emptiness. In what wilderness have we found ourselves? Are we in Saudi-Arabia? Arizona? Is it an abandoned beach? Little by little, the landscape is filled with colour and the elements come to life ingeniously. From then on, we leave on a road trip across time and its Window of Opportunity.

"A colourful ode to friendship" — Knack, Els Van Steenberghe

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'A Journey Into Space' was the very first feature theater production by R&F F&R. The piece was initiated during their masters course at the Royal Academy for Fine Arts in Ghent and developed further into a professional theater production in collaboration with CAMPO.

'A Journey into Space'

A Journey into Space — the scene is empty and dark. The only people out there are Robbert&Frank, a garden gnome and the origami animals called Mark & Jenny. The only light comes from a beamer. The beamer is the sun in the dark performance-galaxy. It creates life in the darkness and brings movie into the theaterspace. The result is not a play, it's not a movie, it's a surreal Bukowsky inspired trip into an unknown scifi universe.

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CAMPO is the unique, warm and inspiring arts centre that produced all of the above mentioned theater works by R&F F&R.

And our good friend and wonderful sounddesigner Koenraad Vandersyppe is responsible for the great audio in 'To Break - The window of opportunity' and 'A Journey into Space'. The last theater show 'Don't we deserve grand human projects that give us meaning?' is scored by no one less than Boris Zeebroek!

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