EARTH - Review
Earth is an intimate participatory VR piece. It is part of the Table Dialogues project. Review by Lieve Dierckx for the online magazine PZAZZ.
Link - Earth Review (Dutch)

Table Dialogues - Introduction
An online document about Frank&Robbert Robbert&Franks latest performance project. A collection of five intimate, immersive performances that unite extended reality, interactive theatre and visual art.
Google Doc - Table Dialogues - Introduction (English)

Short Biography
1 A4 text on Robbert&Frank Frank&Robbert. A perfect introduction to who they are and what they do.
PDF - Short biography R&F F&R (English)

Text solo expo Fred&Ferry Gallery 2021
Exhibition text by Eline Verstegen on R&F F&R's solo exhibition 'Magic Mirrors' at Fred&Ferry Gallery, Antwerp.
PDF - Magic Mirrors R&F F&R (English)
PDF - Magic Mirrors R&F F&R (Dutch)

Text solo expo BE-PART 2020
Exhibition text on R&F F&R's solo exhibition 'Breadcrumbs' at Be-Part Waregem. Through theatrical dioramas, photo and video works, sculptures, blueprints, screen prints and clay tablets, the artists tell a story that links their everyday reality to philosophical and societal questions.
PDF - Exhibition text Breadcrumbs Be-Part 2020 (Dutch)

R&F F&R in HART Magazine 2020
Contribution by F&R R&F for the summer release of HART, one of the leading magazines on contemporary art in Belgium. The corona edition nr. 204 features the R&F F&R addition: 'Shredding Sorrows, attending a healing ritual' with a text by Beatrijs Dikker. In this text Beatrijs describes a ritual F&R R&F executed at Heilst├Ątte Grabowsee, a former lung sanatorium and military hospital in the vicinity of Berlin.
PDF - HART Magazine - R&F F&R contribution summer 2020 (English)
Link - HART Magazine Online (Dutch)

F&R R&F in FORUM+ Magazine 2019
Contribution by F&R R&F for the autumn release of FORUM+, a journal for Research and Arts in Belgium and the Netherlands. Inspired by cave drawings of Lascaux, Egyptian hieroglyphs and proto writing, F&R R&F present new objects in which they convert their own lives and work into simple symbolic line drawings.
PDF - FORUM+ Magazine - Precipitate F&F F&R 2019 (Dutch)
Link - FORUM+ Magazine Online (Dutch - English)

Interview Flanders DC Magazine 2018
Interview by Mies Van Roy in which F&R R&F talk about the practical side of their art practice. How do you work together? How do you deal with social media? How do you earn a living? Plus some beautifull images of their work.
PDF - Interview Flanders DC R&F F&R (Dutch)

Interview MACULTURE online Magazine 2017
Interview by Wilson Le Personnic in which R&F F&R talk about how they approach a new creation, the parallel between visual arts and theater, the importance of humor and how their latest theatershow 'Don't we deserve grand human projects that give is meaning?' fits into all of this.
Link - Interview Maculture R&F F&R (French)
PDF - Interview Maculture R&F F&R (English translation)

Interview Beatrijs Dikker 2016
Interview by Beatrijs Dikker in which R&F F&R talk about how they deal with political references in their work and what is the dynamic of theoretical vs practical (hands-on) research and their project 'GO AWAY SORROW OF THE WORLD'.
PDF - Interview Beatrijs Dikker R&F F&R (English)
Link - Photoblog about the GO AWAY SORROW OF THE WORLD project

Text Laura Herman GUNS Publication 2015
Text by Laura Herman for the F&R R&F book GUNS published by Art Paper Editions in 2015. GUNS is a full colour catalogue which documents the full collection of R&F F&R wooden guns. On top you get texts by Laura Herman en Charlotte Van Buylaere in English, French, Russian, Arabic, Spanish and Chinese
PDF - Text Laura Herman - GUNS R&F F&R (English)
 -> Buy your copy of the 'Guns' book here, here or here

Text Beatrijs Eemans solo expo 2014
Text by Beatrijs Eemans for the F&R R&F solo exhibition 'A Bit Beyond Ping Pong' at Netwerk Aalst (Belgium).
PDF - Text Beatrijs Eemans R&F F&R (English)
PDF - Text Beatrijs Eemans R&F F&R (French)
PDF - Text Beatrijs Eemans R&F F&R (Dutch)